Renovation questions

Aug 9, 2016
Hi everyone!

I have some questions about renovation. I have an inground, gunnite pool that is possibly original to the home built in 1990. We have been caring for it since 2009 and it had been painted. We have painted it once since then and it is due again. I have read a lot on here about how painting is not really a great deal. Its expensive and doesn't last. Looking at re-doing the lining either with something like Pebble-tec or fiberglass and have a couple of companies that are local. What I don't know is if the pool has ever been plastered and painted over or just painted over a thin seal on the concrete foundation.

So I guess my question is this: If I want to wait a couple of years to do a more permanent liner due to cost concerns, will not painting the pool now lead to damage? I figure they have to sandblast it anyway to remove any previous base. I just don't want to risk long term damage. Thanks in advance!