Removing water during winter to avoid losing tiles?


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Sep 16, 2016
Katonah NY

The pool guys came to close up my pool today. During the closing we discussed keeping the water level below my tile line (6 inches). He said I should keep a sump pump on the lowest step & it would remove water when it was too high.

A few issues that come to mind:
1. Freezing during winter breaking pump
2. Pump sitting on stairs could cause damage to plaster
3. space from step to top of tile (top of cover) only 7 inches.

So any suggestions on a good way to 'automate' something like this?

In the winter it gets fairly cold & the cover isnt easy to remove. I was thinking of putting some hose or something under the cover & turning on a pump as needed so worst case would be I would lose the hose (assuming i bring the pump inside).

Any suggestions?




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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
You are going to pump the water out when you have a warm spell. Find the easiest corner in the shallow end to pop one of two straps open to open the cover enough to drop a sump pump into. Pump the water out and then replace the straps, if you can. By an installation rod to make putting the strap back on easier.