Removing copper from water?


New member
Jul 18, 2019
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove copper from the water? I used to use pristine blue but haven't for a few years and also had a pool heater (made out of copper) so I am not quite sure of the source but I am thinking it might be from the pristine blue. I am only using chlorine now, and after I had my water tested I had to add calcium/alkalinity and then I began to notice a "film" on top of the water. I took the water in to be tested and the copper levels were very high and the ph was still low. Everything appeared fine until I added the calcium/alkalinity and I can now see bluish particles settling on the stairs.

The pool is 36k gallons/in-ground/liner with a cartridge filter. Unfortunately, the film on top of the water is so thin it can't be netted. It seems like the only way is to drain the water and refill it? But I was wondering if there is a way that can get the copper to solidify to be filtered out? Or some other way to address this issue. The past couple years I only really added chlorine to keep it clean but am trying to get everything balanced before adding a new heater and protect the equipment.

Thanks a lot for the help!