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Jul 7, 2014
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There are two types of wireless remotes for the EasyTouch and the IntelliTouch... The older ones are not interchangeable with the newer ones.. Basically the old remote and the antenna talk on a different frequency than the newer ones..

Post a couple of pics of what you have now, including the antenna with the cover off...


Jim R.


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Mar 30, 2015
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Hey Bill,
what Jim said, and a few extra points... First, go ahead and update your signature to show what type of system you've got (Easytouch or Intellitouch)

Intellitouch and Easytouch systems both have a system-specific wired remote (called an indoor control panel) and a wireless remote which requires a transceiver card:
- An Easytouch remote will NOT work on an Intellitouch (the commands are different)
- The Intellitouch wireless remote is called a MobileTouch, and there is a version 1, version 2 and verison 2a*
- The Easytouch wireless remotes don't have a specific name AFAIK but also have a version 1, version 2 and version 2a*
*Version 1, 2 and 2a determines which type of radio is used... the radios use the 900MHz band and the radio type has to match the transceiver card's radio type, so as Jim already said, an Easytouch version 1 remote will not work with an Easytouch version 2a transceiver card and vice versa.

Now to make things really convoluted... the transceiver cards ARE interchangeable between Intellitouch and Easytouch but you have to pay attention to the versions... Mobiletouch 1/2 and Easytouch 1/2 have a Linx radio whereas Mobiletouch 2a and Easytouch 2a have a Laird radio (and Laird can't talk to Linx!!)
- MobileTouch 1/2 and Easytouch 1/2 all use a Linx transceiver card (FCC ID: P4HVIRTUALCABLE)
- MobileTouch 2a and EasyTouch 2a use a Laird transceiver card (FCC ID: P4HVRTCBLMOBI2)
The best way to keep these straight is by checking the FCC-ID of the remote on the FCC website... you can see pictures of the transceiver cards and the internals of the remotes

One last thing is that the QuickTouch remote can be used with Intellitouch OR Easytouch, and comes with an altogether different transceiver card, but it's only a 4-button thing with no screen or ability to program anything.



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Mar 30, 2015
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HA... it'll definitely be closed book, so you'd better memorize those FCC IDs! ;)

Another thing I didn't mention regarding the Easytouch remotes is that there's a 4-button and an 8-button version for both the wired and wireless units. The 4 button one will still work on an ET8, but you can only control 4 aux circuits with it's buttons.