Remote (phone app) pool heating control (Hayward)


Jun 1, 2019
We're going over the details of our fiberglass pool install options and the one I thing I would like to be able to do remotely is turn the pool heater on and off remotely via phone app, if nothing else.
The pool builder wants 3k for an omnilogic setup but he said it's a waste for just lights ,pump, and heat controls. Is there something much cheaper that will get the job done that's either haywayrd or will work with Hayward? I see they have some basic automation like the e-command 4 but it still requires the wirless module and is limited in functionilty when it comes to everything other than the pool heat controls, plus my PB has no experience with it.


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Oct 19, 2014
My oldschool heater turns on based on water flow, and my pump runs on a basic water heater timer. I do have new wiring where I use contractors with my protection circuit. Contactors can be controlled by various means. Probably a simple smart home on/off device. One contactor for heater, one for pump. One normal scheduled activation line to the contactor, one smart line override. Same for heater.

Cost if you can't wire yourself? Probably too much to not use pro device.
The under and overload pump circuit I have now would only have been wired by a patient friend.
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