Rain and AG pool and sand pump and SWG questions:


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Mar 31, 2020
Cerritos, CA.
I ran the search but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. But currently I have the cheap vinyl cover (came with the pool) that covers the pool, it actually seems to work well. We usually cover the pool every day after the kids are finished with practive, seems like it keeps the pool warm and keeps the pool clean. However I have a few questions for you AG owners:

1. Should I take the vinyl pool cover off the pool when it rains. Even a little water on top makes the cover dip, I assume of it rains hard it will just pull off the rails and jut either float on top or just sink to the bottom.

2. Does rainwater affect pool water in anyway?

3. Can these Intex pumps and SWG withstand the outside elements? Do I need to cover it up or make some kind of covered shelter for it? I have some extra tarps I might just cover or it?


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Jun 16, 2019
1). You can or you can tie up a few donut floats to act as a center support and tent the cover. The rain will drip right off.

2). Very much so, It will lower most of your levels, but it’s relative. If you get 3/4 inch of rain it won’t make too much of a difference for your 42 inches. If you get 6 inches over 2.5 days, It could make a big difference.

3). Normally yes, but if you have above average CA sun beating on them all day, not many things can handle that exposure over time. Many people in the hot climates build shed or tarp structures to protect their equipment. I would personally be one in that scenario.
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Brett S

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Mar 15, 2019
The intex pumps are definitely weatherproof and I leave mine out in the rain and sun in Florida without problems. They’ve made it through some pretty bad rain and wind storms (although I did disconnect them and take them into the garage when the hurricane came through) and the sun has faded the plastic a bit, but otherwise they are fine.

Covering them might protect them a little, but they don’t really need to be covered. If you do want to cover them, though, keep in mind that they do need some airflow for ventilation, otherwise they could overheat. I wouldn’t just throw a tarp over them and call it good because I suspect that would restrict the airflow too much.
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Aug 14, 2013
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rain wont hurt a thing. free no-calcium water. it can dilute your chemistries if you get enough, and the physical aeration can raise pH, but you handle that with your regular testing.

intex equipment can handle the elements just fine, what goes wrong will likely happen anyway - relative humidity rather than rain probably leads to internal electrical parts corroding over time. sun will "rot" the plastic exteriors but that doesn't actually hurt anything. if I were to do any protection I would make a roomy shade structure that allowed PLENTY of air flow, not only so motors don't overheat, but so that things can dry out.
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