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Apr 16, 2012
Yakima, WA
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Hi Everyone, haven’t posted here for a while—probably because you all have helped me so much to become a semi-competant pool boy! I just got a quote (and some sticker shock!) to replace my pool liner and I have some questions.

Background: this is a IG kidney 14k gal, 33 x 18 pool. I replaced the liner about 8 years ago when I bought the house. All of a sudden a 3 foot long horizontal gash appeared in the liner above the water line.

So I got a quote to replace it for $6,000 which includes “all needed pool floor and wall prep to ensure floor is 100% clean, check for any sharp defects, applying new wall foam to the walls to ensure comfort and best protection. Pool will be swept and vacuumed to remove all remaining debris the day of installation to insure a clean surface under the liner. New gaskets will be installed on all skimmer, main drain and return fittings along with new face-plates & hardware. Includes vacuum suction installation of new liner with color pattern of your choice, filling pool with homeowners water source, testing and balancing pool water chemistry. Includes all needed parts and labor.”

Here are my questions:

1. Does this price seem high? They told me that there are big shortages in production right now. Do you think the price will come down? I am considering patching it and making due for a season.

2. Is it possible that keeping my pool above 90 degrees for weeks contributed to the liner failure? (Fam likes it warm and keeping the cover on 24 hours a day for weeks also drastically cut evaporation and chlorine consumption).

3. If I decide to patch is there a product and/or technique that you recomend?

Thanks, Dave


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May 16, 2010
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“all needed pool floor and wall prep to ensure floor is 100% clean" I find it hard to believe they would cover wall deterioration - they must have an out somewhere. If the walls are good, then this seems a bit high. If the walls need repaired or replaced, there's no way they'll do it for $6000.


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Aug 15, 2017
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I wouldn't worry having the pol heated 24/7 being a contributing factor to the demise of the liner but when certain chems are out of balance such as high FC without it being in ratio to the correct CYA can also cause the vinyl to get brittle. Tried viewing your logs but you've only shared your additions but not your actual test logs. I just had one of my pools loose water to a 1 inch gap in a seam that opened.
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