Question regarding cloudy water weeks after opening.


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Jul 6, 2020
Oneonta NY
Hello everyone - New member to TFP. I have been unable to get my water clear this year ever since opening 3 weeks ago. It's very cloudy even after a couple of trips to the local pool store. I'm moving away from their recommendations and looking forward to using the resources here. I received my TF-100 test kit today and here are my readings. I am in the process of SLAM as we felt some white slime in the corners and on the side of the steps. It has gotten slightly better the past 2 days but still unable to see the bottom in the shallow end.

Pool Size: 25000 gal
Vinyl Liner, in ground, new sand filter (this year)
ph = 7.2
FC= 24.5
TC = 25.5
Calcium Hardness = 675
Total Alkalinity = 140
CYA = 55

Water is still cloudy. Any ideas on the next steps?

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Jan 17, 2012
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Heya Jack, welcome to TFP :)
You are sooooooo smart for getting that test kit and beating us to the punch by giving us test results we can trust! :goodjob:

First I'll say that if you felt your CYA "looked like" 55, its really 60. SO you want to dose your SLAM at the corresponding 60 CYA/FC amount.
see? --> FC/CYA Chart

Scoop any solid debris out of the pool, careful to not damage the liner.

Keep your filter monitored and back wash when the pressure rises 25% over your clean pressure. Keep the pump running 24/7

Next step is to test and re-dose as often as you can- at least 3-4x a day at least.

Use PoolMath to help you with dosing amounts. PoolMath

Maddie :flower:


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Jul 6, 2020
Oneonta NY
Hi Maddie,

Thanks!! And definitely a wise decision!

I appreciate the tips! I have been keeping the pump running 24/7 and been brushing 3-4x a day and will now test more since I have the kit.

How long should I keep everything at the SLAM levels?

Thanks again!


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Jun 11, 2018
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A slam takes longer than a quick “shock” but once you are algae free and maintain the proper FC/CYA level you will have a long lasting crystal clear pool! 😀
Another acronym POP. Pool Owner Patience. 😉