Question about using Dichlor to supplement liquid chlorine in a SLAM process


Aug 31, 2016
Greetings all,

I recently opened the pool, currently SLAM'ing. My CYA is extremely minimal right now. Pool store said 0, my test kit said 10-20ish.. My question is this: Can I use some leftover Dichlor powder (from the days before I became enlightened by TFP :)) to help get my FC up while slowly elevating my CYA? I'm not going to go crazy with adding a ton of it, but I would love to be able to use it up to get rid of this giant container.. For the most part I'm using liquid 10% NaOCL, but to save some money and use what I have on-hand was thinking it would be possible to use some of this Dichlor to kill 2 birds with one stone-- slightly bump my CYA up before I test it again and officially move to getting it exactly where I want it and also get my FC up for this SLAM. Thoughts?


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Yes, you can use it. You can use the PoolMath section "Effects of adding chemicals" to see how much the CYA will increase with each bag. The problem is that if your CYA is really low, it will take too much time with the bags, so you may end-up dosing stabilizer the sock method way as well, or at least to about 20 ppm. Then let the bags of dichlor get you up to 30. Something like that. Just use PoolMath to help.