Question about lowering TA


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May 26, 2007
I have a 35k IG pool with vinyl liner. Currently I have the pH down to 7.0 with TA = 130 and am running the pump and waterslide 24 hours a day to aerate. The pool had a UV ionizer, however after reading this forum I have turned off the ionizer and capped the connection. If I uncap the connection and leave the ionizer off (fuse pulled) air is constantly drawn into the system and bubbles out in the pool. Can I use this to increase my aeration over just using the poolslide and if so, does the amount of aeration speed up the process of lowering TA? Thank you.



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Apr 1, 2007
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Hi, Phillip,


Yes, the amount of aeration is the single largest determining factor in lowering your T/A.

Of course, your pH must be where yours' is for the process to start. Then, the more bubbles the better.
I think you mean a UV ozonator and not ionizer. It will add a bit of aeration to the water but not that much. You would do much better by getting an inexpensive floating fountain that attaches to your return and shoots the water into the air in several streams that fall back into the pool.