Question about housing/seal for Pool Light.


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Mar 26, 2008
My pool light quit working, so I unscrewed the housing and pulled it out. When I popped open the housing, the rubber seal was very tight to the housing and had some sort of substance on it. Almost seemed like a dried version of grease. Is there some specific substance I should be using here? or just clean up the seal, put a little silicone grease on and tighten it up?

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Jun 26, 2007
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Here is a recent thread about pool light repair. ... ght=#48281

Pool lube was probably used on the gasket. It starts out very sticky and can dry to something like you are describing.

Whatever you do, DO NOT REUSE the old gasket. ALWAYS buy a new gasket.

Replace the bulb. You can turn on the pool light out of the water for only about ten seconds. Any longer and the pool light will get very very hot. Install the new gasket. Place the light fixture in the water (before installing in the niche in the pool wall) and check that there are no air bubbles coming from the light fixture. If there are air bubbles, you need to try reinstalling the gasket again.

If the bulb does not light up in the previous paragraph, then post again and we'll walk you through what to do.

Good luck!


P.S. Please be very careful in turning the power on and off. Mistakes here can be shocking. :shock: :shock: