Putting in the new pool soon!


Feb 3, 2020
I introduced myself when I first started my account here, but I've been gone doing lots of research and haven't posted. I wanted to re-introduce myself. Next week a landscaper is coming to level our ground (we didn't want to DIY) and I have the 15x48 Intex Easy Set pool here and ready to install as soon as the weather is hot enough to swim. For those of you in the New England area of the US, what month do you usually open your pool?

My next research project is to figure out what chemicals I want to put in my pool and what tools I need (skimmer, vaccuum, etc.) We are probably putting in a permanent above ground pool in a few years (on the same leveled ground, and adding a deck extension so our deck reaches it) but the Intex will be perfectly fine for now.


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
HI and so glad to see you started!! I have some reading for you to get your pool education started:

pool language
ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
Pool math-You will LOVE this!

Start looking in your Letgo, Nextdoor, Craig's list, etc for used pool equipment-pump and filter so you up grade as the intex equipment are kind of dinky.

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