Pump question for Doughboy Pool

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: There's a few things we can address that may help, but we need more info:
- What specific Powerline model number pump do you have?
- Where exactly is the crack in that pump basket? Can you post a photo?
- Please update your signature with all of your pool info (much the way you see my pool info below)

If the pump basket is damaged to the point it is not salvageable, then you'll need to replace the pump basket end (wet end). More than likely at that point it's just as easy to buy a whole new pump (both basket and motor attached) as one entire unit. Yes, you can replace it with another brand or model or pump. Before doing so, you'll want to compare the features of your existing pump such as:
- Motor horsepower
- Service Factor and/or GPM (gallons per minute) capability
- Electrical requirements (110 or 220volts?)
- Plumbing connections (i.e 1.5", 2", etc) to ensure the new pump will match correctly to your plumbing

Hope that helps get you started.