Problem with SLAM


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Jul 10, 2017
Do you use a winter cover and/or a solar cover? I'm in farm country and the pool is surrounded by trees and landscaping. I used to open late to avoid the farmers ploughing and spraying the fields. Then I'd switch to a solar cover to help keep stuff out. Now that I have an auto cover I can open earlier and now worry about it.
I use a Loop-Loc safety pool cover. It is a sieve type cover and everything goes through it all winter. Last winter was unusually warm and the water never froze here which is very unusual and I think that was a factor. No solar blanket. I used to use a floating solar blanket but it just let everything fall into the water when I rolled it u pinto it's reel.



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Jul 8, 2013
Columbus, Ohio
Does anyone else here use the sieve type loop-loc winter cover?

My first winter cover was a mesh. My second was a solid with a pump on top. The solid cover seemed to open with cleaner water in the spring. The solar cover had a reel. As you said some of the stuff on top would fall in when I removed it, although It did seem to keep a lot of stuff out of the water.


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Sep 7, 2018
Hey Mike, I think you are spot on with the pollen thing. You and I have been having a "like" problem with the thought of adding too much Chlorine daily. I too, have finally leveled out. For the past week or so I have been adding less than a half gal. a day, and the last few days a quart. I am going to start mine everyday at 7 or better even though the app says 6. The garden around my pool has stopped blossoming and gone more flower established so I really do think the biggest problem was the pollen. Of course now, the leaves are a problem as it has been windy here for the last week. It's always something, right? To answer your newest query, I use a mesh cover and don't have a problem in the spring with an unusually green pool to start. Usually takes me a week to balance everything out to sparkling clear water. Glad our problems have subsided, for a while. The only other thing I have done was to try and lower my TA. Going by the app I should of had it licked with 3 or so cups of Muriatic Acid (29%), but after a week and adding 3 cups every other day or so, my level dropped a little, but not much. I never got to 7.2 PH or less which the app said I would. The levels I'm at now satisfy me and I hope they are close. Continued luck with yours.