Pretty much balanced Okay to use Cal Hypo?


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Aug 18, 2018
Dieppe New Brunswick
My numbers are good as far as I can see. I started with CYA 26 so I used Triclor to raise my CYA to 40. Then I started with Cal Hypo and liquid Hypochlorite. I alternate depending if I feel like pre-disolving the granules. While I was using the pucks I kept needing Borax to raise my PH, but now it is fairly rock solid.

Our fill water is TA40 CH40 PH 7.3

PH 7.5
FC 5 [I aim for 6.5 once a day]
CC 0
CYA 40
TA 110
CH 150
Borates 70
CSI -0.16

I think I have some CH headroom, so I should be good with Cal Hypo until I reach CH 200

Is Okay?
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