Power usage: Hayward SPX2607X10 pump


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Jun 15, 2013
Boston, MA
Hi TFP. Can you please tell me what the power usage in kW is for every hour of use of my single speed Hayward SPX2607X10 super pump?

I’m running it on 115v. Sticker on the pump says 1 hp, .75kW, 15 amps at 115v (7.5 at 230).



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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
15 x 115 = 1725 watts, 7.5 x 230 = 1725 watts ... or 1.725 kW every hour its on.

1.725 x (hours per day the pump runs) = kW/h used per day

(kW used per day) x (cost per kW/h delivered from your electric company) = cost to run pump per day

That's its rated power consumption running at full load. Since a single speed pool pump is always running at close to full load that's a pretty good guess as to how much it is using. Short of actually measuring its power consumption with a meter.