Pool Startup After Replastering


Jun 12, 2019
Fremont, CA
I am getting my pool replastered with standard white plaster. I have read posts about startup on this forum as well as the following link.

To the best of my understanding here is what I need to do
* Run the pump 100% in the first week.
* Brush pool twice a day for first week and once a day after that. This procedure needs to be followed 3 days after I stop seeing plaster dust
* Also vacuum the pool 48 hours after replastering
* After 72 hours, add CYA and then Chlorine slowly to balance the chemistry.
* Keep cleaning the filter if pressure exceeds 20-25%
* No SWG for 30 days. No pool cleaner/robotics for 2 weeks

But I still have the following questions:
* Will a vacuum like this work (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Aqua-EZ-11-in-Swivel-Handle-Pool-Vacuum-Head/1000887)
* How much CYA and Chlorine do I need to add for a 25000 gallon pool. And what schedule should I follow to do this. I plan to use this CYA (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Clorox-Pool-Spa-Clorox-Pool-Spa-Chlorine-Stabilizer/1001873978) and this Chlorine (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kem-Tek-1-Gallon-Liquid-Pool-Chlorine/4570020)
* When can I start using the pool. If I adjust CYA and Chlorine 3 days after replaster, can I use the pool after 3 days or should I wait longer.


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
That link is a good one and you have it figured it with your run down.

Vacuum head-YES that one will work............so long as there are no wheels or such on it. That vacuum head acts as a brush. Use care when you are by the walls for the first couple of weeks though. Don't want to really rub the edge of the head on the side of the plaster.

Oh do I have a TOY for you!! POOL MATH!! You are going to love this!!! it does all of the work for you! PoolMath

SOME PB have this in their start up directions:
"jump in the pool as soon as the water it in the middle of the water line tile!"

Ask the person holding your plaster warranty what their rules are.