Pool slide with no water lines


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Mar 30, 2017
St. Louis, MO
Our pool has a slide that has no water lines currently hooked up to it, and nothing obvious about how it should be done. It's entirely possible the old owner didn't use the slide, but since I have kids I really want to get it up and running. I already know I'm going to be putting a fresh coat of paint on it since the old coat is chipping. First question, what sort of paint should I use on this slide? Some sort of epoxy paint?

I also have no clue about the water line. There is no obvious way to hook this up to the water pump so what's the best solution here? Buy a separate small pump just for the slide? Are there replacement kits for the water ports? The lower one has nothing, and the one at the top looks like it has seen better days.

Here are some pictures to show you what I'm working with.

Pool slide - Album on Imgur


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May 11, 2017
Twin Cities, MN
I bet you could retrofit it with something plumbing parts for used for ice maker supply lines. Something like this should work for the lower jet, you will have to "clog" the tip with something to get a fan of water from it. The upper jet looks like a Tee fitting so you would run water there first and then to the lower fitting. If your return lines are on that side of the pool you could come up with a combo of fitting that would screw in to the return and supply water to the slide.

Try running water through the pipe with the old supply line in it, might find the other end. If you have a electrical fish tape you could stick that down there and hope to see where it pops up.

I'm not sure what paint would be best for a pool slide so hopefully someone else chimes in.