Pool Rover not working


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I have a pool rover close to 9 years old. Went to use it and plugged it in, nothing happened. The power button is lit and I hit the reset to start it, the power supply humms as normal and clicks after the timer expires at 30 seconds. I do not see any obstructions in the pump part. Is there anything else I can should look at, not sure if there is a fuse somewhere, I would think if it was a fuse at least on power supply side it would be quiet and not light. I am getting ready to close soon and use it quite a bit this time of year as we get some leaves in the pool.

If it is hopeless I guess I may be looking for an end of season deal if I get lucky.


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Any success getting the Rover running or are you shopping for a deal?
No Luck, the fuse is good. I got a funny feeling it is the cord but I don't know for sure, recently it stopped floating. Also, the socket that plugs into the power supply is loose and pulls out a bit, probably lucky I have not been zapped.

It is late in the season for me but I have trees around my pool so the rover was good. Plus the filter bag seems to capture some of the smaller particles that seem to get through my sand filter. My pool is 15x30 above ground. I was looking at a Rover Junior or the S40I or S50 or hte Rover Hybrid again. Then Doheny's has a few of their own I guess private label. I think the S50 had some type of brush but I could not find any info on that or pictures.
My one concern is my pool bottom, I got a few divots from the installer and I had an issue with my vacuum locking onto a divot and I had to run and turn off the pump (I changed vacuum heads and that seemed to fix that) and I have like a tunnel growing under my pool. So I would not want a rover getting stuck on that, the pool rover was fine. I have trees nearby and I did dig around my pool to see if I saw any roots going that way and I did not,


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
I believe these things have two motors/pumps. One for the travel and the other to move water through the filter while cleaning the pool. If one or the other stop then it's isolated to that motor but if both aren't working I would say it's electrical related. If you have a multi meter you can check output where it plugs into box. I think 36v.