Pool remodel issues


Jun 21, 2017
Broomall PA
So, this is our second full season with our remodeled pool. We had a couple issues that I was wondering about. 1st, 75% of our cooping has hairline cracks (a few a tad bigger) in the mortar. Is this normal?
2nd, in our deep end, we are missing chunks of plaster around our light!! I can’t imagine that’s a good thing, can it be repaired? What that mean for our plaster? Along those lines, we also have bits missing near the tile line, and in the shallow end where the surface of the plaster is no longer smooth, like it’s pitted slightly. Are these plaster issues something we caused? I follow the tfp method of caring for pool, and use the pool math app, and my ph drifts upward not downward, so if anything I should have scaling and not corrosion?
Thank you for any thoughts.