Pool owner and lurker since last year


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Jun 15, 2020
Hi all,

I'm in the Virginia Beach area, we bought our house last August and became the owners of a 18x30', 14500gal oval above ground (partially sunken) swg pool.

Side note - I decided to get a Taylor kit this year after using strips last year. Unfortunately I ordered from poolsuppliessuperstore (never again) and they sent me the k-2005 instead of -2006 I ordered. I've sent 2 emails and have waited on phone calls easily over an hour and a half now (20 mins on this current one) waiting for someone to answer the phone so I can return this thing. This is after ordering.and returning one from Amazon that was missing reageants and the seller not hearing back from Taylor about resolving that. I've already reordered strips and discovered tftkits so I'll likely order the tf-100 soon.

Which brings me back here :D I used this site a lot last year so decided to make an account this year to be more involved.

So far this year no issues aside from chlorine staying a bit high even a few days after shocking but I think that's because CYA is a bit on the high side.

Update on phone hold - 26min... And someone finally picked up annnnnddd disconnected when I started giving the order number. Called back immediately and their customer care department is currently closed.wow.