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Sep 24, 2016
Hi. I am still having what seems to be an algae problem. We have been working on this and sinking money into chemicals for 3 weeks now. The 1st pool store we had our water tested said our alkalinity was low and to add 45 lbs and now our Alkalinity level is 240 and can't get it down and can't get our chlorine level up. We took another water sample to the pool place that installed our pool and said we had some kind of algae. Told us to do a vacuum on waste, heavy shock for 4 days, use Algacide and clarifier. We have done this but we still have a yellow tint on our deep end but the shallow end is fine. We are at our wits end! Can you help!????

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Hi Steff and welcome to TFP! :wave: You already ID'd the first problem ... the pool store. They'll get you every time. Your #1 best bet right now is to order your own (proper) test kit. I recommend the TF-100 (XL Option) with Speedstir, but the Taylor K-2006C will work as well. Please see the link below in my sig for TF-100. We would love to help guide you, but must have good numbers from one of those kits. As you're learning, the pool store only cares about your $$$. For now, don't add anything else to your water, especially algaecides and stuff. Just regular liquid bleach - maybe about 1/2 - 1 gallon per day. Nothing else until you get one of those kits and can post a full set of numbers. The test kit will pay for itself in accuracy and accurate chemical usage. Nice to have you with us.


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Apr 19, 2013
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Order one of the test kits Pat mentioned above. The Taylor kit can be purchased on Amazon.

As Pat stated don't do anything to your pool except add bleach (liquid chlorine) until you get some accurate test readings. If it bothers you to put bleach in your pool get some liquid pool chlorine at Home Depot or Lowes in the garden section. Its the same stuff just a different name.

While you are waiting for the test kit read the pool school link in Pat's signature.

And don't worry, it will get better and you won't go broke.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Welcome! :wave:

Yes we can help.

Step One: accept that the pool store exists to sell chemicals. When you walk in, what do you see? Shelves full of chemicals. Stacks of buckets of pucks. The air smells of pool chemicals. They may or may not offer sound advice, but you can be sure they will try to solve your problems with more chemicals. You've seen with your own eyes that it doesn't always work. So stay out of the pool store. Whatever chemicals you might need can be purchased much cheaper at the grocery store, the hardware store, or the big box store.

Step two: Buy a proper test kit! There is no substitute. No one cares more about getting your pool right than you. The free testing at the pool store isn't really free. Go tally up what you've already spent. You could have purchased the Cadillac of test kits and probably all the chemicals you'll need for what you've already spent. Test strips won't cut it. They get ruined if they get damp, the colors can bleach out or bleed, and they usually have useless scales like 30-100, when you need to know +/- 10. Yes, a good test kit is a big chunk o'change, but if it saves you one trip to the pool store, it's paid for itself. Order a TF100 with the XL option and you'll be set for the rest of the year and probably partway into next.

Step three: test your water and post results here and we will advise you.

My gut feeling, based on hundreds if not thousands of threads from people in the same boat as you (wallet empty, pool still not clear) is that you have too much CYA buildup from years of chlorinating via pucks and shock powders and this renders the chlorine you added useless. But again, this is just a gut feeling. Test results will eliminate any guesswork.