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Apr 2, 2012
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Greetings fellow TFP’ers, been a while since I posted but still here. I’m loving the Pool Math app, finally subscribed to it vs. just using the free version and the html version but just had one small suggestion that would help me, and possibly others, out tremendously.

When you view the Logs, I love the format and flow of it, but the ONLY thing I wish it had was that it would show the effect for Chemical Additions. With showing that, I could easily see my prior test results and then easily see what changes should occur from the chemical additions so that when I do my next test, I can compare vs. just recalling or using the Effects of Adding option.

I would even be good if when you click on the Chemical Additions if it would show the Effects there but it doesn’t.

Perhaps there is a reason for this or maybe, and hoping, there is already an option for this that I am overlooking as I haven’t been using the app long.

Anyway, I usually don’t make recommendations or suggestions as I fear it might come across as not happy with the current product, which I am, but figured I would just post this as a potential future enhancement. If this is already been suggested, please feel free to delete this thread as I wasn’t able to find something similar from a quick search.

Take care and be safe everyone,


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May 3, 2014
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If touch a parameter, say FC, in the Overview, it takes you to a screen to adjust that parameter. You can use the suggested Goal or change it. The amount of chemical you select to use is then shown below.

I realize it does not record the Goal level, but we discussed that and decided it would just confuse the test log data with real and expected values.


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Apr 2, 2012
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Thanks for the reply and suggestion. That’s what I’ve been doing in the interim or just opening the Effects of Adding section.

I get the reasons for wanting to leave the logs with “real” data but perhaps there could be an option in the settings to allow the expected Effects to be shown and just have this as off for default, that way users who would like to see it, could?

Anyway, just figured I’d ask and maybe I’m just strange in wanting to see this. You can almost see this type of data in the summary but when I choose the current date, it doesn’t seems to just show that date’s data.


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Apr 2, 2012
Florida Panhandle
Hi again,

I finally got my SWG setup and running and I updated my Pool Math app with the settings and then I noticed something. When I added the amount for the SWG in the “Chemical Additions”, it shows the results in the Log, the exact way I was suggesting it, it shows what the addition was and the expected results, see pic below, so not sure why it would show this for just the SWG additions:


I hope this gets updated or a setting is created to turn this on so that all the other Chemical Additions display like this since the feature already exists. For now I am just adding a manual note to reflect the expected result, see pic below:


I do have a question though, I noticed that my FC range doesn’t match the suggested CYA\CL chart for SWG, it shows with a CYA of 60 that my range is 3 - 9. Does this app not update the FC range based on what specific sanitizer used? All the other ranges match the info in Pool School to a T, and just wanted to make sure I didn’t put in something wrong in the settings? I thought it was perhaps since I originally started using Bleach as my sanitizer and switching to SWG that it might cause this to happen but I tried creating a new pool using SWG from the beginning and had the same results.

Have a great night.
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