pool math

  1. V

    Help- First time using TFP method

    Our new pool is full and for the first two weeks we had a pool guy (sent by our builder) to keep the pool looking beautiful. Now, we have to keep up with the care and I decided to get the Taylor k-2006c test kit based on the information I found here. I performed my first tests today and found...
  2. N

    Pool Math app recommendation values for spas/hot tubs?

    I'm a new spa owner following the How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)? approach to maintenance. I'm also using the Pool Math app to log my upkeep and calculate any chem additions. I recognize the app is mostly for pool use, but is it possible to change a setting somewhere so that the...
  3. T

    CYA amount in newly filled pool

    Hi friends, Just got a new liner and filled my 25,000 gallon pool I have a test kit and find that FC, TC, pH, are at the recommended level. But I have not added CYA. That level looks like 0 to me, as the black dot does not change. The Pool Math calculator seems to tell me to add 16 lbs. to my...
  4. L

    Need help with Pool Math app

    Hello, I’m new to using the Pool Math app. Is it normal that the app is saying the pH and Alkalinity is outside the ideal range even when it is within the target? I’m using Taylor K-2006 test kit. I’m using 12.5% Liquid Chlorine for daily sanitation and a Cal-Hypo powder for Shock. I decided...
  5. Jon123

    Pool Math - notes on results feature request

    It would be great if when entering in test results that were a notes field as well so that we don’t have to create two “separate entries” when really the notes are directly associated with the test results.
  6. D

    Pool Math App not keeping updated data

    Hello, I’ve been enjoying this website and purchased the pool math app. It worked great for me last year, but this year it keeps the default values. If I enter my measured values the page changes and I can see what to add. But as soon as I leave that particular section, all my values revert back...
  7. bxcrwlly

    Pool Math App - Exporting CSV to App

    So usually about this time each year I export my prior year testing data from Pool Math to an Excel file. Worked like a charm, as usual. This year I'm trying to take my 2020 CSV file and send it back to populate my Pool Math App. I have the instructions from last year on how to do it; however...
  8. srhuston

    PoolMath Units question (another one!)

    I read in a previous thread that one can change the units used in PoolMath. I entered my hot tub's volume as 410 gallons based on the owner's manual, but would rather do measurements of additions with metric units - in part because measuring dry chemicals in grams and wet chemicals in mL is...
  9. ED-209

    Pool Math Log Enhancement\Suggestion

    Greetings fellow TFP’ers, been a while since I posted but still here. I’m loving the Pool Math app, finally subscribed to it vs. just using the free version and the html version but just had one small suggestion that would help me, and possibly others, out tremendously. When you view the Logs...