Pool light the internet has nearly forgotten


May 28, 2019
Kaysville UT
Hi folks,
I dug into my pool light today at the new house and made a disappointing discovery. Looks like it is a Purex Model 6425 that used a big halogen bulb. I found one web site with a parts listing that looks almost right, and one post here at TFP where someone was replacing the same unit several years ago, other than that nothing!

The front lens seal came apart when I opened up the unit and the rubber was all pretty much rotten. My guess is it has been burnt out for years and the old home owners never tried to fix it.

So the sad part is that the seal is not available, so I can't put the unit back together or back into the water and I can't close my pool cover. So I need a new fixture in a hurry!

Looked around at some websites for a new fixture and cord so I can get the fix going but it is hard to see what any of these lights look like in the pool/water from random pictures of the housing on the internet.

So the questions:
Do you have a pool light recommendation?
Are the colored LED units worth the cash or is old school bright white halogen the way to go?
Is a plain white LED unit the way to go?

New to pool ownership and want to invest the cash to do it right and make the pool look great. Thanks in advance for your advice and or pictures!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Call Inyopools in the morning. See if they can find the parts to the existing light, or what alternatives they may suggest.