Pool Light Keeps Tripping?


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Jun 9, 2019
Hey everyone! My parents bought their house 3-4 years ago and it came with an in ground pool. The whole time they've owned it the pool light has not worked, the assumed it was blown. A few weeks ago I was messing around by the pool equipment and found where the light controller was. The light controller has a cord that runs from it and plugs into a nearby outlet on the side of the house. I noticed the outlet was "tripped" (red light glowing) and when I hit reset the pool light turned on!

I was pretty excited, but after a few minutes I was walking outside of the pool, close to where the light is in the pool, and got the poop shocked out of me. This turned the light back off and tripped the outlet again.

I think I understand the process of replacing the light, but I was wondering if I need to replace the whole thing or can I just replace the wiring or even fix it? Also, the light control box says "max 300w", but where can I find the actual wattage of the bulb?

Thanks for your time!