Pool leak 24 hours after spring opening


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Aug 26, 2016
We had our pool opened for about 36 hours now and we woke up this morning and the water level was about a foot below the mid-skimmer line. We immediately turned off the pump to hopefully avoid any damage. Our pool pump was just replaced this January to a variable speed pump, so this is the first pool opening with this new pump. Also, when the pool guys who opened our pool left, he mumbled something to the other guy about the person that closed our pool last fall, I think it was something about not blowing out of the air from the lines. Any thoughts as to the cause of the pool leak? Could this be caused if someone did not close the pool properly? ANy suggestions? We will call the pool company, but they are not open today.
Thank you!

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Pool leaks get tricky. If there's a leak on the suction side from the skimmer to the pump, you would have air bubbles/gaps under the clear skimmer pump basket lid, and probably some coming out of the returns. But it wouldn't cause the water level to drop unless you had the system off for a while in which with no suction, water might seep-out of a crack or something. I suppose one exception to this would be if you have a main drain. Being so low underground, it would be difficult to know if there was a leak unless you simply closed that line to isolate it and compare water levels later.

On the pressure side past the pump, any leaks would eventually be evident by wet ground.

For winter closing, I suppose methods vary from each company. Almost all incorporate some type of air pressure to blow-out the lines as best as they can. Some might drop a little RV antifreeze in the line just in case, then plug each end. Not sure about your set-up, or if they did apply too much air pressure to the lines that may have compromised a spot somewhere. But for now, I would consider isolating each line and see if the water level changes which might help you find the general area of a suspected leak.

Sorry for your troubles, and hope you get everything resolved soon.

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