Pool Fencing for Child Safety - Looking for input!


Jun 25, 2013
Hi all, I have started to dig into the archives for solutions others have come to for keeping their children safe. But in the meantime, I've attached some photos to see if anyone could offer suggestions or thoughts on the best way to enclose our backyard pool with a fence.

Our situation is a little unique in that we have an older home & pool, with the pool maybe 10' from the main back door we use as our main access door. In addition, to get to the house from where we park our cars, there is an approx. 4' walkway beside the pool. So the pool is right outside the door and you have to walk past it multiple times a day. We have a 2.5 year old and 5 month old so knowing that the toddler will experience how "fun" the pool is for the first time this summer, we are so anxious to have some kind of safety barrier since it will surely be the most dangerous temptation for him. My momma heart is so anxious.

Like I said, I'll do some searching but in the meantime I am hopeful someone out there might have a suggestion that could help us act on this need sooner rather than later. Lord knows that longer I spend researching and trying to figure out what will work for our pool/patio arrangement, the longer the threat is there!



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Jul 10, 2012
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