Pollen (?) Problem EVERY YEAR


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Jun 3, 2008
Hi All
Every year I close my pool with PERFECT, clear water. Have a mesh cover. When I open its ALWAYS a little cloudy - just a little. I always figured it was pollen - 1 week with a skimmer sock & vac-ing and it was perfect again. Not THIS YEAR! opened 4-15 (tax day every year) Still having a problem with the cloudiness - getting better slowly but not there yet. The skimmer sock is full of White GOO daily.
Its a 19K gal 16x32 with an auto pilot SWG (GREATEST INVENTION EVER!)
Yesterdays #'s... (from a pool store- I trust them.) Very mild winter in Central PA - they told me a lot of people have similar issues this year. Will run my own tests tomorrow with my TFP kit
FC 6.2 ppm
TC 8.9 PPM
CC 2.7 PPM
pH 7.7
Hardness 140
Alkalinity 93 PPM
Salt 3200
I don't think its algae - No yellow / green tint to it - just white-ish milky color - same for the stuff caught in the skimmer sock

They recommended shocking and a clarifier - I put 6# of SAM's club shock and their clarifier (forget the name - tossed the empty bottle) - not really helping yet

Any Thoughts??



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Jun 3, 2008
I did not use my TFT test kit yet - Ordered refills & salt strips. I think the reagents are getting kinda old.
Went back to pool store with another sample. Keep in mind, all I did yesterday was add 6# of Cheap Sam's club shock @ 5PM yesterday & 32 Oz GLB 'Drop n Vac' clarifier @ 9PM. Forced the system to run all nite. Took sample @ 1PM today - filter ran non-stop since the shock

Here's the new #'s.... Is this possible?

FC 3.5 (was 6.2)
TC 3.5 (was 8.9)
CC 0.0 (was 2.7)
pH 7.2 (was 7.7 - dropped 1/2 point in under 24 hrs??)
Hardness 160 (was 140)
Alkalinity 67 (was 93)
CYA 10 !!? (was 25)
Water temp is 80 - heater NOT running

The was noticeable crud on the bottom and my Wife Vac'd it to waste - the water is still milky white. No real change. I did read and WILL follow the 'Shocking process'

I did not add any CYA yet - til I got CL adjusted. I DID add 3 big bottles of 6% Chlorox after I drew the sample today - Auto Pilot is still set @ 40%. Filter off now - (runs 9A to 9P)

Do dramatic changes like this seem normal with the addition of ONLY Shock & a flocculent?

I'm kinda stumped - Looking for a little more guidance. still don't think its algae but won't know for sure til I do an overnite CL loss test.
Any input from the Chemists here??


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Jul 30, 2010
Twin Cities, MN
First off, I know you know this, but pool store results often are not reliable, your example here is a good one. With that said, if the shock you used was dichlor then it would have lowered your ph quite a lot...however having your TA go up and not down would be unlikely. It also should have raised your cya not lowered it. Bottom line I would disregard those results and start using your TF-100 asap.


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Jun 3, 2008
Been Shocking - water is MUCH better but not perfect. Thanks for pointing me to the right way to shock. I've been using bleach (6% Chlorox - big bottles). The gunk in the skimmer sock is darker than I had first seen - I think it WAS algae after all.
My FC is at 31-35 since my last post
CC @ 0
CYA @ 90.
That seems kinda high.

In fact, one of my FAS-DPD tests was 'Funky'
10 ml sample, 1 scoop and it turned pink then back to clear AS I WAS STIRRING THE POWDER!?
Rinsed and tried again and it didn't repeat??!! Its taking 60+ drops to turn the sample clear - WOW! Normal?

Also, My wife seems to think the liner below water level is lighter - is it possible for FC at those levels to fade my liner??

Thanks for all the input - I'll get it right, even if it kills me!


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You may need 2 scoops of powder with FC that high. Also, make sure you're moving through the test quickly. Only slow down at the end. See the extended kit directions.

The chlorine/CYA chart has shock level at 35, pool calculator has it at 23, so I'd say your FC level is fine.

My guess is that the liner under the water level is now CLEAN for the first time ever!! That's what happened to my pool.