Polaris 9550 Power Supply Controller Question

Jake GT1

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May 5, 2020
Chandler, Az
New to TFP and appreciate the knowledge that is shared. A little backstory, I purchased a Polaris P965iq in early 2018 and after a cable replacement and last year the motor block after warranty ran out, now the motor block has once again resulted in showing the dreaded E10 error code and yes the cable still has the correct continuity. So rather than dropping another $450 on another motor block was looking to get something else with a warranty and due to the expense of the "smart" units was looking at the 9550.

Now the question, since I already have the P965iq power supply controller would the 9550 have the same smart features of the P965iq if I used the P965iq power supply controller? It appears that the P965iq and the 9550 use the same motor block which I assume that the "smart" resides only in the power supply controller.

Only thing that I am unsure of is the cable connectors the same for both units?


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Welcome to TFP :)

I doubt many have taken that model apart and I would say none have tried doing what you are trying.. With that said you may be the person to answer the question if you go ahead with this.. :)

All these robots are close hold and I have never seen a part exploded diagram or how a part is connected..

Jake GT1

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May 5, 2020
Chandler, Az
Went ahead and pulled the trigger on the 9550 and it is a direct connect without any issues. Still have the iAqualink features with the old power supply and saved several hundred dollars going this route. Plus also have a spare power supply if ever needed.
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