Polaris 9300 Sport Cleaner - water in the motor block issues


New member
Jun 24, 2016
I'm about to start a repair, by new replacement, of my motor block on this 9300 Sport cleaner. I've opened up the block and inspected it finding the usual signs of water leakage/damage. My concern is since there is no really good protection from these leaks, why isn't there any attempt to at least seal the circuit board in some sort of epoxy, silicone, etc. from the factory. The board has absolutely no more protection than one found in a TV or radio. Hopefully this will solve my flashing light/no run issues, but for how long? I'm tempted to apply some of the above board safe sealants myself and just wondered if anyone has done so. Also I think I will apply some water-proof silicone on the cover of the motor block before I even use it. The so-called o-ring is just hard plastic. Anyone addressed this before? Thanks for any input.