Polaris 360 only does edges in shallow end

Mar 31, 2011
SE Oklahoma
I just purchased my first ever auto pool cleaner, a Polaris 360. It seems to be working properly but in my shallow end I have a problem. It's a vinly pool and the shallow end has vertical walls (no slope from floor to wall). The thing doesn't climb the wall (which I don't mind) but it almost constantly goes for the wall and then just slowly edges around the shallow end. Those edges are CLEAN!! I don't mind that, but I do mind that there's quite a bit of dirt in the middle of the shallow end and the cleaner never gets to it because it's spending all its time with its nose to the wall.

BTW, the backup feature works, so it does leave the wall every 3.5 minutes, but it will often just drive right back to the wall. If it hits at a differnt angle, it orients itself nose-to-wall and begins its slow trek around the edge. In the deep end, the pool goes from flat to a 45 degree angle to vertical and it climbs just fine.

Here's what I've tried:
- adjusted the directional spray to every different angle,
- checked the wheel rotation speed (it's right at 32--when I lower it, it won't climb anywhere)
- emailed with Polaris and they were NO help. She basically copied the owners manual and sent it to me. She had no other suggestions.

Anything you could suggest would be appreciated. Thanks!


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May 11, 2012
only thing I can thing of is to buy a second hose and connector valve, shorten it so it doesn't reach the walls and swap hoses out from time to time. (shortening your current hose may impact cleaning range in the deep end but is another option)


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Nov 6, 2012
You can try modding your backup valve. I posted a fairly decent description of how I did this on mine. In lieu of a dremel, you could use a metal file.


I had the same issue with my pool cleaner remaining near the steps at the shallow end. Now it pulls it back for about 1-2 seconds for every 12-13 seconds of running. Minimizes the time that cleaner stays in one place/against corner. Helps to get it turned around.
May 16, 2013
Hi. I saw your post from last year. Did you ever find the cause for the problem with your Polaris 360? I'm having the same issue with mine. The backup valve is working and all the wheels are turning. Thanks in advance for any help!