Plumbing build. Does this seem ok?


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Apr 25, 2021
Construction of my pool is underway and I wanted to share the plumbing to see if this looks ok. I have a 17x33’ lagoon being built. There are 8 returns, 2 skimmers, and usual dual main drain. I didn’t question all the plumbing before hand as they said they build all these pools the same way and they’re one of the largest pool builders in the region. All plumbing is done with 2” PVC. Their standard build is 1.5” with 2 returns and 1 skimmer so I went for the upgraded one for better circulation.

I’ve attached a pic of the plumbing at the equipment pad and it seems that it’s 2 skimmers into one 3 way valve and the main drain separately into the pump. Then the returns are split from one 3 way valve (one controls 4 returns on each side of the pool) and there’s one more that goes to the water fall feature.
What do you guys think of this? Seems like it could be separated out further to have individual control of returns rather than half the pool at a time and even separate control of skimmers. 9EAC03F7-37AA-422B-B322-26BC360F2F8D.jpeg

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I suppose if you had 3 builders route lines you might see 3 different ways of doing it. This install seems very clean and still should work. Looks like you should still be able to manipulate the 3-ways to achieve just about any method of water flow to/from the pool as desired.


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Apr 25, 2021
Thanks. That’s what I assumed. Each builder will have their own way of doing things which doesn’t mean one is better or right. This seems to offer good functionality without the eyesore of valves for everything since the equipment can’t really be hidden completely away from everything.


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Jun 10, 2019
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looks like a clean setup, however I hate those 3 way valves! I used 5 on my setup and within less than a year, 2 of them have cracked on me and had them replaced..
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