Plug second outlet?


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I have a 14'x48" round above ground pool, with one inlet to the pool and two outlets (out of the pool). If I'm using those backwards, please correct me!

Anyway, I have a Hayward through wall skimmer, which takes up one of the ports that takes water from the pool. The corresponding hole in the pool wall is pluged, since the skimmer takes the place of it.

My question is about the second port -- do I plug it or leave it open? My husband says to close it but I'm afraid of starving the pump for water.

Any suggestions?

Rancho Cost-a-Lotta

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Apr 10, 2018
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
If you're seeing good skimming action now, I would keep it open to help improve circulation. Plugging that suction would result in full suction at the skimmer.


Keep in mind, an open suction could is an entrapment hazard for young kids. You might want to plug it and check water flow at the skimmer. You may be able to put a flip cover on it and using for vacuuming.
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