Please HELP - Pump Humming and Smoking


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Dec 13, 2009
Virginia Beach, VA
Went out after Hurricane Matthew and now my Hayward SuperPump isn't working. When I flip the switch it starts humming but doesn't pump any water. If I leave the switch on long enough ~5-10 seconds the pump will stop making noise and start to smoke. I did some research and thought it must be the start capacitor so I swapped it out in no time. Flipped the switch and no change. I can spin the shaft and the impeller by hand and when I spin one the other one spins as well. Started looking a little closer and when its humming, the shaft is actually spinning (and not slowly). I'm now at a loss, any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks.


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Apr 5, 2015
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Check all your voltages at circuit breaker, timer, and motor. Make sure power coming to motor is proper. Was there any chance the motor was under water for anytime?. Usually smoking is a burnt winding, So you may have to replace


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Mar 2, 2011
If you lost power, the voltage could have been wrong for enough time to burn out the motor. This might have happened when the power was dying or being restored.

If you saw smoke, the motor has failed.

If your switches are old, you might want to check them as well because the over-current can cause the switches to fail and sometimes burn the wiring.

As noted above, check voltage to pump.

Water intrusion might be the cause. There's a fan in the motor that pulls air from front vent holes under the motor. The air goes through the motor and out back vent holes. During normal rain, the water won't get in the motor. However, in a hurricane, there's so much rain and wind that maybe water got ingested and blown into the center of the motor.

When you replace the motor, pull the rotor and check the windings to see if they are wet or burned.
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