Please help me close my new inground pool


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Jul 19, 2011
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Hi guys:
Calling on the forum for some help. This is my first inground pool winterizing/closing and I just want to go over what I think I need to do.
I have a 16x32 Inground Vinyl Liner pool. I have a Hayward one speed pump and Hayward sand filter.
I purchased a 16x32 mesh cover and am having someone drill into the concrete to place next week.
I have 2 returns and a skimmer, NO drains.
I also have a 8 foot shallow end step and a ladder on the deep end.
Here is what I **think** I need to do, I plan on closing next week, as the temp will be around 60 degrees on average.
Everything in bold I am a little unsure of so feel free to chime in.

Bring pool up to SLAM levels for a few days prior to closing. Clean pool.
Check chemicals and balance accordingly.
Remove ladders
Backwash pool.
Vacuum to waste to drain pool to below the returns and skimmer.
Unscrew the drain plugs for the sand filter and the pump.
Set Sand filter to return ( I think ? )
Get shop vac(what size shop vac do I need ?) and blow air into the line that connects to the pump to blow out all water ?.
Plug one return and skimmer, blow air until 1st return is free of water, do the same with the other return and then with the skimmer.
Add 1/2 gallon of pool antifreeze into skimmer and each return. Plug both returns with expanding plugs and a gizzmo in the skimmer.
Fill pool with water till above returns but below skimmer.

Add a chunk of pool noodle in the skimmer around the gizmo.
Cover pool.

Am I close here ?

Thanks in advance !


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Jul 21, 2013
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You need to blow out the return and suction lines before you remove the drain plugs from the pump and filter. Otherwise you will lose the air out the drain holes and not down the lines.

You can then isolate the suction and return side with winter plugs. Plug the return side and work on the suction side. Then plug the suction side and work on the return side.

After lines are blown out and plugged then you remove drain plugs and blow out equipment.

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