Please help! Hayward multi port issues w/ Hayward DE filter


May 14, 2017
Cleveland, OH
I have stumped most people that I have asked so I am turning to the community here in a desperate plea for answers. After lots of trial and error, multiple sets of new grids, etc. I think I have figured out the cause of my filter problems all of these years. I am hoping someone can confirm my suspicions since I cannot get a hold of anyone at Hayward that does not direct me to their website. I would like to know if there is a way for me to switch the top portion of the valve to direct the water correctly without having to replumb everything. Apologies in advance for the lengthy explanation.

I have a Hayward DE pro grid 7220 set up with a Hayward vari flo SP710xa-13. I stumbled upon a realization that I should have figured out years ago while replacing all of the guts to this year. The pipes all line up and most of the settings function correctly except for filter!! When this multiport valve is set to FILTER it is sending my dirty water and DE in through the "outlet" pipe, through the manifold and into the grids then returning the water to the pool through the bottom inlet diffuser. This explains why my grids always shift and get holes in them when I backwash and then I get DE back in my pool! I discovered that the previous owners had a sand filter before switching to this current DE filter.

To change to the Pro grid manual recommended multiport valve SP0710XR50 I will have to have all of the pipes replumbed unless someone can help me figure out an easier fix.

My current setup is pictured below. As you can see the vari flo SP710xa-13 has the pump and return on the left and the waste on the right. Please also note the location of the options, filter, backwash etc. These are different on the SP0710XR50 which has the waste on the left and pump/return on the right. The top options are also reversed.

Does anyone know if there is a way to change to top lever/valve portion to the SP0710XR50 without having to redo all of my plumbing? Or some other solution??


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Mar 2, 2011
You really just need the right valve.

There's no way that it's going to work correctly.
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