Plaster Disaster


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Aug 28, 2013
Huntington Beach, CA
We inherited a pool when we bought our house and while everything works great, I've always noticed what looked like hard water stains all over the plaster. No matter what brush I used there was nothing that worked to get rid of it or even diminish the definition. I've had to drain the pool and was thinking, GREAT! Now I can sand it out. Nope. Nothing. I don't have the budget to replaster or resurface, but does anyone know what this is, what caused it, and if there's anything (besides resurfacing) I can do? The pool store wasn't sure. (See attached photos)IMG_1784.jpg

The pool was built in 2008 I believe.

Thanks for any advice.



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May 19, 2010
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Likely calcium scaling due to high CH levels and allowing the pH to remain too high.
Acid wash should be able to lessen them some.

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Jul 3, 2013
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I would say an acid wash may take some of it away, not sure I would want to do an acid wash myself.. I bet there is a pool comapany that does acid washes and would know exactly what to do :)


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May 11, 2014
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Mine has had that kind of splotchyness since we purchased the house/pool. To be honest it bothered me at first, bu now I don't really notice it. My pool is about 8 years old and I figure I will end up with a re-plaster before I worry about an acid wash.