Planning Our Build


Jun 16, 2019
Lake Chelan, WA
We have moved to the beautiful Lake Chelan Valley in Washington and have purchased a spectacular 6 acre parcel that has two building lots 100 ft in elevation apart. We are currently under construction for our 8100 sqft tasting room / wine production / and small residence...all on the lower building site. We will live temporarily in the small winery residence and, once we get our business going, will then begin to build the big house on the upper site.

We are avid diy's and own our own excavator. We are the general contractor and are performing most of the work on our winery building ourselves. We are not intimidated by any phase of construction but we are self aware enough to know when hiring a pro makes more sense for time, financial, or ability reasons. We fully intend to take this approach to building our dream home with pool in the near future.

I have joined this site to help me learn the ins and outs of pool design and construction then, subsequently, pool maintenance. Thanks for being patient with me as I am known as a research-aholic and I ask lots of questions.
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