Placement and Qty of Returns/Skimmers/Lights


Oct 14, 2019
Dublin, OH
Almost shovel ready on this build and want to get opinions on the current placement and quantity of the skimmers/returns and lights. Pool is 16' x 32' (approx 20,000-22,000 gallons). Would the one skimmer currently planned be enough? Pool area is free from any tree debris at this point in time. My thoughts on the lights would be to do them on separate switches so we could turn the pool house facing light off if we were using that space in the evening and didn't want the light blasting in at us but wanted some light in the pool from the other one.

2 LED lights (Hayward LPCUN11100)
1 250k heater (Hayward H250FDN)
1 cartridge filter (Hayward C150S), TFP suggestion to upgrade since this is small (planning to do this, any specific models?)
1 salt water system (Hayward AQR925)
1 filtration pump (Hayward SP2670007X10), TFP suggestion to upgrade to VS tristar (planning to do this)
Coverstar auto cover

I appreciate any suggestions as this is our first experience as pool owners so the equipment is all new to us.


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Mar 25, 2018
Chandler Arizona
If it were my pool, I’d add another return on the opposite wall to aid in moving the water in a counterclockwise motion in the pool. With the winds coming in from the west, I think you will run into problems with debris gathering by the stairs.


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Jul 7, 2014
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In my opinion no... I like to see 4 returns, basically one on each wall to help the pool circulate like a flushing toilet bowl, but of course at a much slower rate. This is what drags the surface debris past the TWO skimmers...

I also like to see two skimmers on two different walls at opposite ends of the pool. Having two skimmers allows you to keep the surface of the pool cleaner. It also means that if one skimmer becomes clogged, for any reason, the pool pump will still get water.

The additional cost for an extra skimmer and a couple of extra returns should be pretty low compared to the overall cost of the pool.

What you have now will work, but adding a skimmer and two more returns will work better.


Jim R.