Pentair ScreenLogic Alternatives


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Apr 19, 2020
Gainesville, FL
Well my screenlogic interface lan port is dead. Link light won't even go on on my hub.

So what are my options for repair? is there an alternative (non-pentiar) option?

I was running home assistant with screenlogic integration service posting to mqtt broker along with typical iphone app.

I have a hard time paying $400 for their junk technology worth only $5. Not sure of what my alternatives are for easy automation integration. I have the parts for a RPi and a 485 usb dongle setup but I really don't want to get that deep when the basic mqtt automation integration with screenlogic and home assistant worked great for my needs. My setup is intelli panel, chorlinator, heat pump and some water feature valves, and lights.



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Jul 14, 2014
There are companies that specialize in repairs of circuit boards. You can find them on the web and contact them for a quote. I have used a couple in the past for Jandy circuit boards with no issues.


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Apr 19, 2020
Gainesville, FL
So I’ve always had the ScreenLogic working. Now that it’s blown out. How do I control things from the intellicenter?
I’m really lost on controlling my automatic programs.
Wish I didn’t have to buy a new $500 ScreenLogic worth $5 to control this Crud.I’ve never managed through the panel