Pentair Prowler 720


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Jan 7, 2008
OH NO...not another robotic cleaner question.....

I can't find any reviews on the Pentair Prowler 720. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations?

I was initially looking at the BluePearl and Diamond, but a few reviewed saying it does not climb above the water line very well and does not scrub alage well either.



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Apr 4, 2007
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I can't find similar specs for the Pearl, but these specs are close enough to convince me that the Prowler is made by Watertech. You very well may be looking at the same cleaner.

Blue Diamond
Recommended pool size: up to 860 sq. ft.
Volume of water filtered: 4225 gal/hr
Floating cable: 60 feet
Drive motor: 12V high speed submersible
Pump motor: 12V high efficiency submersible
Filter specifications: re-usable 2 micron filtration bag
Electrical specifications: 115 V / 60 Hz
Voltage in water: 12 V
Shipping dimensions: 20 x 19.90 x 20.66 inches
Unit weight: 16.5 lbs
Shipping weight: 34.25 lbs

Prowler 720
* Recommended Pool Size : 20x50 feet/ 6.1x15.2 meters
* Volume of Water Filtered : 4,225 gal./hr. - 16m^3 / hr.
* Floating Cable Length : 60 feet/ 18 meters
* Drive Motor : 24V DC high speed submersible
* Pump Motor : 24V DC high efficiency submersible
* Filter specification : Reusable 2 micron
* Electrical specification : 115V/ 60Hz
* Voltage in Water : 24V DC