Pentair Intelliflo only 4 years old, the drive went out.


In The Industry
Jul 26, 2019
San Diego Beach
I purchased Pentair model exactly 4 years ago. The drive no longer keeps the time when the community power goes out. Nothing to reset however when we are gone, no one is around to reset the time and the pump will run at the wrong time. Electric rates not during the night are 3X the price, so it's an issue. To replace the drive is around $700 doing it myself. That is ridiculous! Pentair told me this happens a lot because people turn the pump on and off. Well yes, we turn off the power when we clean the filter, but that is SOP as far as I am concerned and a safety issue. I am looking for a recommendation for another pump. Does not have to be programable although I would prefer to not have the pump turn completely off. I can set on a timer if needed. Chlorine dipping pool, 2000 gallons, pool is about 5 feet higher than the current pump location and about 35 ft way. I feel this 3HP pump I have most likely is overkill for this small of pool. Chemistry is perfect right now. New screen in filter. Any suggestions?