Pentair Heater won't ignite


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Jul 1, 2020
Toledo, OH
I checked out several threads but none seem to have my specific issue. I have a Pentair Minimax NT 250 about 15 years old. Never had any trouble with it other than a plugged gas orifice on one of the burners a couple of times due to spiderwebs. Current problem is I turn the heater on, pressure switch light comes on, thermostat light comes on, fan blows, igniter glows, heat light comes on, I hear a click, and then nothing. The heater does this cycle a couple of times and then shuts down. There is no smell of gas so I don't think the gas valve opens. I did clean all of the gas orifices just in case. Since I don't smell gas and the unit doesn't ignite, I think that rules out the flame sensor as a potential problem. I bought a new fenwall igniter module from Amazon and replaced that but still have the same problem. My digital display (temp readout) has a few burned out segments so I'm unable to tell what error code I'm getting. Suggestions?


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May 3, 2019
Based on the following article, there are also diagnostic indicators inside the panel.

Also a thread below which maybe useful.