PB Advised Against Umbrella Holders in Decking (pavers)?


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Jun 2, 2019
We saw examples of someone who had umbrella holes around the pool in their decking, so I asked our project manager about it. He recommended against it, but I am not sure if it was just an opinion vs. a practical advisory.. aside from him saying that ultimately people forget about the umbrellas and they break in the wind.

He said to just get cantilever umbrellas-- and that the stands are getting smaller and smaller. My thing against them is having that big stand on my deck, and also likely having to use sandbags to hold them down.
He also advised against adding little turtle mosaics to our pool, which I think was an opinion-based thing as he had no practical reason backing it up.
He's an awesome PM, I am just not sure if these things are opinions or on the basis of detriment of our decking down the line one day.

If we had them put in holders anyway, I'd like to get something that has covers for when we take the umbrellas out: https://www.poolfittings.com/pole-holder
Do these work in pavers? Is there a reason to NOT do these in pavers? The example we saw was pavers, but it was just a photo so I have no idea if the person liked their decision or not... :)

I feel like it would be useful to have them for shade over the benches we had built in, and maybe the area we're bumping out for patio loungers. There already is a holder built in to the sun ledge, so we're good there.

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Jul 17, 2019
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Our PB advised us against one in the tanning ledge or coping because they could break. He is using heavy meal ones that go into the pavers. We marked the locations with an "X" and they are installing them next week. They seem very sturdy and I dont see them breaking, but if they do, its much easier to replace a paver than coping or the tanning ledge.


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Jun 7, 2017
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With pavers I think I would sink the umbrella holder into concrete under the pavers and not rely on just the sand. We got 2 in the sundeck and use them both all the time. We have, however, forgotten to close them and had 1 blown up and away and it did brake so he is correct about that.

We originally had thought of getting several mosaic tile pictures. We decided not to in the end due to cost and really don't regret it as they will date the pool at some point. It would have been nice to have a compass rose in the sundeck however. We also wish we had had depth tile markers at various depths like 3, 6 and 9 feet.
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