OmniPL reported salt ppm


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Jul 21, 2013
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No, since Hayward SWG do not have a salt sensor and calculate the salt level from the volts and amps the cell draws. When the cell ages the salt level displayed drifts away from actual.

When the displayed salt level is less then 75% of actual salt level as measured by a Taylor K-1766 Salt Test Kit then the cell is near the end of it’s life.

As long as the system is happy and generating chlorine don’t worry about what the salt display reads.


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Apr 17, 2010
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yes, I know that. However this is a new T-15 Hayward cell (well 2 mo old) opened out of the package.

And with the “no lights” on an OmniPL it is difficult to see when it is not generating. The app is complaining with a “red triangle” no. at least with the old Aquarite type you could see the lights and confirm it wasn’t generating.