Old waterfall/pond


Jun 22, 2010
I have an old waterfall/pond that is fed directly by the filter return. I believe it was original to the pool in 1978. It is two levels (top level overfills into lower level, which overfills back into pool). It is constructed of stone w/ concrete and rebar supporting the top level. I have noted that the rebar on the bottom of the top level appears to be rusted and detaching from the concrete. I have also noted that the concrete is really chewed up and shows the aggregate from years of chlorine and wear.

1. Should I be concerned about the rebar on the bottom? There doesn't appear to be any structural issues.

2. If I drained the pond and shut off the return. Is there something that I could coat the concrete with that would either seal it or ensure that I'm not having any leaks through or losing water?

3. What's the best way to make sure that this rock pond/waterfall lasts?

I haven't found any posts addressing these specific concerns. Thanks - Newbie.

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