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Jun 14, 2014
I have searched but can't find the recommended order of correction

FAC: 4
TAC: 4
CH 50
CA: 0
TA: 20
pH: 7.0
Base Demand: 2


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A few things to watch in your particular situation that can be done simultaneously:
- Your pH is low. If your heater uses copper lines, you'll want to increase the pH to about 7.5 or so. A low pH is acidic and will (over time) do some damage to your heater if it's copper.
- Your TA is also low. I would increase the TA to at least 50 for now.
- You seem to have no CYA? Is this new (fresh) water? If so, that makes sense, but a pool with no CYA makes the bleach (FC) exceptionally powerful with no buffering protection. You'll want to increase CYA right away with granular stabilizer, and shoot for a target of about 40 since the weather is starting to pick-up down south. We advise the "sock soaking" method to dissolve the stabilizer. If you're not sure what we mean, let us know.
- Once the stabilizer has dissolved, keep the FC around 5-6, and never let it drop below 3.

That's a good starting point. Again, those items can be done right away at the same time. Keep the pump running and check again in about an hour or so and fine-tune if needed. If you're not sure what chemicals to use to adjust, please see our recommended chemicals list (link below in my sig).

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Oh, please confirm which test kit you are using! Perhaps add it to your signature at some point. :)