Oasis Z5 Question - Stuck on bottom grates

Jun 29, 2014
Rochester, IL
You've made this statement three different times including this post. The first three posts you've made on this forum were with this statement.

The answer to your problem is in at least two of these threads. The main drain covers seems to be the answer to the problem for everyone having this issue.

As for Epic not answering or getting back to you, I can't say, but they were helpful to me when I was shopping for a cleaner, and as far as I know, good with other purchasers of Dolphin products.
Exactly, I've tried to get support on Z5 for 3 weeks with zero replies, then I take a few minutes to post online and like magic they respond to one of my requests, if that's what it takes I'll post the same thing in every forum online.
By the way, the answer was contact dolphin, they will absolutely be able to help you.
Dolphins response:
"We do not have anything that would help but there are two different drain covers:

Unicover made by Polaris
Smart Ring made by SmartPool

You could contact them."

So for all of you who want actual answers, there it is, they can't help you so try contacting two other companies!


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Aug 14, 2012
Ellington, CT
Sure, it's just a sloped raised piece that clips onto suction hole/slit on bottom, never got stuck after this addition, however this is my 'backup' robot and needs some work to get working good again since older machine that's been borrowed quite a few times.
Thanks! it's called a High Velocity Inlet. It wasn't stock on my Tigershark so I wonder what problem it solves ( beside getting stuck on a main drain).


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May 6, 2014
Corona, CA
Is this a common problem with the M5/Z5? I was planning to order the Z5 but now am having second thoughts. Is the issue the shape/height or location of openings?
My cover is similar to this:
I have a Z5 with zero issues. I'm wondering if pool finish type makes a difference? I have pebbletec and maybe the coarse nature of it gives better traction?


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Apr 16, 2012
Mason, Ohio
I have a vinyl pool. Does that mean its more likely to be a problem? Any idea if that would cause a problem with it climbing walls too?
I've not noticed any issues with it climbing walls in my vinyl pool. Even in the deep end it's able to climb to the surface.


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Nov 27, 2018
Hello, I know this is a very old thread. But I'm hoping to resurrect for some new ideas. I have the Oasis Z5 and it always gets stuck at the main drains. It works fantastic when it doesn't. I have a pebble tec pool and have two main drains (10" aquastar) that sits pretty high. This is where trouble starts. We tried the Polaris unicovers - but they are too small. They can't go around all 10" of the drain. I just saw that there is another option someone else posted called the smartring main drain. I googled, but there is no information about dimensions. Does anyone know whether it would fit a larger diameter drain? I have tried to "retrofit" the unicovers so the circle could be larger (by unscrewing outer ring and using zip ties) but it has not been that successful.
I really like my Z5 - as it is an investment - but need to solve the issue with it getting stuck at the drain.