NPT Stonescapes Minipebble vs Quartscape Caribbean Series


Aug 1, 2019
austin texas
I can’t decide between the two. The wife couldn’t care less lol. I fell in love with the Barbados Quartzscape Carribbean series when I saw it last week in person, but I also noticed areas that appeared white/streaky. I would soon learn this was mottling and occurs frequently (observed in a pool less than 6 mos. old).

My question is this - For those of you who have quartzscape medium blue finishes, were you happy with how it turned out? Would you do it again or reconsider pebble or minipebble? No matter which way we go it will be a medium blue color.

Any feedback is appreciated. The builder has pretty much told us there will be a little mottling observed, its just a matter of how much with quartz.